The DIO: Transforming Your Organization



Video Transcript

Digital Transformation is a tall order and challenge to most organizations. Some companies, sensing the urgency for change, might want to take a top-down approach to total transformation.

An alternative is to follow the Path to Digital Integration and incrementally evolve into a Digitally Integrated Organization (DIO). This step-by-step process integrates digital technology and marketing strategy with core values to drive organizational goals that lead to sustainable outcomes.

Here is seven-step process for introducing digital transformation:

  1. ASSESS – Determine your organization’s preparedness for digital transformation through a digital audit of leadership, literacy, talent, and infrastructure.
  2. ALIGN – Gain leadership team’s support for digital transformation then align your organization’s’ values, goals, and strategic vision.
  3. SYNERGIZE – Rethink your business model to synergize with the change initiative and identify opportunities for digital transformation.
  4.  INNOVATE – Demonstrate the value of digital transformation by creating a Digital Innovation Unit with members from each functional area working on a digital pilot program.
  5.  COLLABORATE – Build cross-functional teams with an open exchange of information and ideas to foster digital leadership and holistic problem solving.
  6.  EVALUATE – Demonstrate the value of digital transformation through measurement and evaluation.
  7. SCALE – Disseminate the results of the digital pilot to all departments. Gain advocates and buy-in from various functional groups then scale digital transformation initiatives throughout the organization.

In a deeper sense, the DIO represents the living embodiment of the core values of the digital culture. By doing so, the DIO reflects the essence of the human experience on both an individual and collective level: one of unity, integration, and connectedness.