Building Lead Nurturing Campaigns that Connect and Convert


Video Transcript

So you have your downloadable content piece and your landing page – what happens when a prospect fills out a form and downloads your content? Lead nurturing!

Get ready to learn How to build lead nurturing campaigns that connect & convert.

Lead nurturing offers a way for you to develop a relationship with your leads in a timely and effective manner by creating an email series that you can set up once and schedule to run automatically.

A basic lead nurturing campaign is comprised of 3 to 5 sequential emails. The goal of these emails is to nurture that prospect down the sales funnel with progressive content offers for each stage of the buying cycle. In this way, your email campaign becomes like your best salesperson – informative and anything but pushy.

One day after downloading content, your prospect will receive your first email in which you send a link to a related blog post.

Email two, sent three days later is an invite to watch a basic video that further discusses the topic from the original offer.

Five days after that, a third email is delivered that contains a quiz or self-assessment.

Finally, 10 days after the prospect first converted, you send a final email containing a bottom of the funnel offer to request a consultation or make a purchase.

So what’s the takeaway? Lead nurturing is a great tactic you can utilize to communicate consistent and meaningful touches with viable prospects regardless of their timing to buy.

When implemented effectively, lead nurturing allows your organization to build deeper connections with prospects so that they may one day become your loyal customers.