Social Media: The Rules of Engagement



Video Transcript

Interacting with your customers through your social media channels is a lot like going on a date. You’re getting to know them, they’re getting to know you, and ultimately you’re both trying to determine if you’d like to see each other again.

A carefully crafted social media strategy might land you with a second date, but if executed poorly, you might be left standing on the front porch alone.

Here are a few rules to keep your date or customer happy and wanting more.

Rule #1: Listen to Your Date

People love to talk about themselves, your social media channels may be the only place that you have the ability to directly engage with your prospects and customers. So hear what they have to say and ….

Rule #2: Respond Accordingly

Don’t just talk about yourself or create post after post about your latest product offerings. Instead, use your social channels to answer questions, address concerns, and facilitate requests. When you do post, make sure it’s content that will…

Rule #3: Provide Value

A good date usually has a funny joke, a romantic flower or a chivalrous gesture. Through your social media channels, you have the opportunity to provide value to your customers when you converse, engage, and otherwise make them feel connected to your brand.

So you see, going on a great date doesn’t have to be complicated, neither does social media.  It’s all about listening to the wants and needs of your customers, facilitating conversation, and ultimately, providing value to your audience. Now, gussy up and put on your best suit – because your date awaits!